What Almost Could Have Been is a novel telling the story of a boy navigating the world of high school in the late 1990s. We follow the main character through snapshots of each season during his four years in high school. He stumbles through the fog of adolescence as he navigates friendship, romance, discovery, and loss.


The Blood of Angels (incomplete). When young El dies in a tragic accident she enters heaven and accompanies an angel through the rebellion which will result in God casting Lucifer and his angels out of heaven.


“Sonnet for a temple in winter”

by Matthew Clendineng

The falling snow lands soft on sacred ground,
whiting out the world; hiding all decay.
A ginkgo tree in winter’s cloak stands proud,
living here and now; centered in this day.

While crimson clad confessors kneel in prayer;
on thee, oneness of light and life, calling;
a lotus blossom placed on snow, to bear
the gaze of man, the place for god’s resting.

Stretched over heaven, sheets of grey striped cloud;
a square pagoda spears the sacred sky.
Snow covers all, dank earth’s burial shroud,
distorting sense of who, when, where, and why.

Shishi odoshi pours out streams of time.
Drips away the yours; drips away the mine.

Inspired by Iwaidou Temple in Chichibu, Japan and a mountain temple in eastern Gangwon Province, South Korea.